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DIRECTV Update (as of 2:00 pm CT, Saturday, January 14) –

Tell DIRECTV to get back to the negotiating table!

DIRECTV has refused to respond to the financial offer we submitted even before the disruption began on Thursday.

Our negotiators remain ready and willing to continue to negotiate to end the current service disruption. DIRECTV’s delay tactics are preventing you from getting your station back on their system. They appear not to care that you are missing your favorite news, weather, and sports personalities, your favorite programming, and the NFL playoff games!

But these tactics are nothing new for DIRECTV. In just the past two weeks alone, they have had contract disruptions with nearly 70 TV stations around the country.

Call DIRECTV @ 1-800-531-5000, request a credit on your bill, and demand they get to the negotiating table to settle this dispute.

While we remain committed to striking a fair deal as soon as possible, we cannot predict when your station will be returned to the DIRECTV service. In the meantime, remember that our stations remain available on all other satellite and cable providers available in your area and for free over the air with an appropriate antenna.

Save Your Local Station!


We’re dealing with a company that has a history of behaving badly.

A history of blacking out channels during negotiations. DIRECTV’s behavior now is consistent with how they’ve handled multiple  local station blackouts and dozens of cable networks.

We’re sorry you’re caught in the middle.

And it’s unfortunate you’re not being told the whole story by DIRECTV.

At News-Press & Gazette Company, we value honesty.

The truth is:

We do not know when we’ll be back on DIRECTV.


Bob Singer

Bob Singer

General Manager - NPG of Oregon, Inc. - KTVZ, KFXO, NTVZ, KQRE


Tim Larson

Tim Larson

General Manager - Pikes Peak Television - KRDO, KTLO, KTLP, NRDO


Mike Stutz

Mike Stutz

General Manager - Gulf-California Broadcasting Co. - KESQ, NESQ, KDFX, KCWQ, KUNA


Curtis Varns

Curtis Varns

General Manager - NPG of Missouri, LLC - KMIZ, KQFX, NMIZ, OMIZ


Kristy Santiago

Kristy Santiago

General Manager - NPG of Monterey-Salinas CA, LLC - KION, NION, KMUV


Kevin Lovell

Kevin Lovell

General Manager - NPG of Texas, LP - KVIA, NVIA, OVIA, QVIA


Dave Miller

Dave Miller

General Manager - NPG of Yuma-El Centro, LLC - KECY, NECY, OECY, KESE


Monte Young

Monte Young

General Manager - NPG of Idaho, Inc., - KIFI, OIFI, NIFI, QIFI

208 528-2188

Eric Bradley

Eric Bradley

General Manager - KNPG / KNPN


Mark Danielson

Mark Danielson

General Manager - NPG of California, LLC - KEYT, KKFX, MyRTV



What is “retransmission consent” and why is it important to me?

Local broadcast TV stations exist to serve their communities.  They produce the news, weather, and local sports coverage you depend on, as well as, performing vital community service.  All that is made possible through the agreements TV stations reach with cable and satellite companies that carry our signal to your homes.  Those deals are called “retransmission consent” agreements.

Unfortunately, consumers can be held hostage if a powerful cable or satellite company refuses to reach a fair deal with a local station.  In those cases, a local station can be “blacked out” on a cable system.  As a result, viewers like you can miss out on programming you love like NFL and NCAA football, primetime network programs, high profile programs like the Academy Awards and your local news.

It is simply unfair to you.  After all , you pay your cable bill in-full each month – why should your cable company get to provide you less than a full slate of channels you pay your hard earned money for?

Isn’t this just a dispute about money between two big companies? Why should I pick sides?

It’s true that at the end of the day, this is a business negotiation between two companies. It is our preference that our viewers never have to get involved. But when cable companies refuse to reach fair deals with local TV stations it threatens the entire community.

The fact is that by reaching fair deals with cable and satellite companies, local TV stations are able to invest in things that matter to you like local news coverage, public service programming, as well as the technology and personnel to ensure that in times of weather emergencies, security threats and other crises, local newsrooms are well equipped to provide accurate and timely information. In 2015, the average television station set a new record for the amount of local news aired and the amount of local television newsroom jobs was at a near-record high.

Does the retransmission consent process work?

Yes. The current free-market process provides incentives for both parties to come to mutually beneficial arrangements, which is why negotiations are completed with no service interruptions or fanfare the great majority of the time. In fact, News Press & Gazette, including your local station, has worked tirelessly to avoid signal disruption in all of its markets with all cable and satellite companies on which its stations are distributed. We have successfully completed negotiations with dozens of separate distributors over the course of the last 15 months with no service disruptions. News Press & Gazette has always negotiated fairly and reasonably for the value of our local stations. Across the country, 99% of carriage related disputes are resolved through good faith negotiations, without service disruption to consumers. News Press & Gazette has a long history of successfully negotiating carriage contracts with nearly all cable and satellite providers. The one negotiation in our history that resulted in a service disruption involved the provider we are currently in negotiations with – DirecTV.

Are retransmission consent fees the reason for rising cable bills?

No. Pay-TV companies claim that broadcast retransmission fees are responsible for higher cable bills. In fact, retransmission consent fees make up only two cents of every dollar for pay-TV provider’s operating costs, yet Local TV has some of the highest viewership on their systems. The truth is, cable bills have risen faster – sometimes double – the rate of inflation since 1999, long before broadcasters received cash compensation for their signals.



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We’re family-owned News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting. For over 100 years, our company’s first priority has been to you, our viewers. We value honesty and community, and we promise to stand up for fairness for you…and for us. Too often viewers get caught in the middle of these negotiations and too often you don’t get the truth. You know that’s not how we do business.