Our winning proposition requires the best. We aim to attract, develop and retain employees who are customer-focused, teamwork-oriented, skilled, capable of future growth and accountable for their performance. We consciously will pursue strategies to make us the employer of choice.
Our reputation is everything to our future. We have an ongoing commitment to uphold the trustworthy relationships News-Press & Gazette Company has built and been known for since 1951. The virtues of honesty, fairness, hard work and seeking “win-win” outcomes are integral to building similar lasting relationships in the years to come.
We succeed when our customers succeed. Innovation, creativity and true consultative relationships are critical elements of this equation. We are committed to listening to and learning from our viewers, readers and users; our advertisers, clients and other purchasers of our products and services.
Strong communities equate to strong business. We join with our community and business partners, and with our employees, in lifting up and supporting economic development and community improvement efforts. We aspire to be known as progressive business leaders in each of the markets where NPG has a presence.


The roots of the News-Press & Gazette Co., or NPG, stretch back to the days of the Wild West in St. Joseph, Missouri, with the publication of the first Gazette in 1845. Headquartered today in St. Joseph, the company has been owned and operated by the Bradley family since 1951.  Now in its fourth generation, NPG now has extensive holdings in broadcast television and newspapers. NPG’s leaders are also pursuing further investments in media, technology infrastructure, manufacturing and education technology through the BERKS Group. This diversification provides a solid foundation for growth. 

  • 1951Henry D. Bradley Buys Company's First Newspaper

  • 1965First Cable Franchise Awarded in St. Joseph

  • 1976NPG Acquires first TV station WSAV in Savannah, Georgia

  • 1975-1993NPG adds stations in MN, SD, NC, MS, AZ

  • 1993NPG Sells Eight TV Stations

  • 1993-1994Cablevision Expands in the Southwest

  • 1995NPG Buys KVIA in El Paso

  • 1998Cablevision Acquires Mammoth Lakes, CA System

  • 2002-2006 NPG Adds Stations in Bend, Colorado Springs, Yuma, and Palm Springs

  • 2005NPG Adds Suburban Weekly Papers in Missouri and Kansas

  • 2011NPG Sells Cablevision to Suddenlink

  • 2011NPG Adds TV Stations in Idaho Falls

  • 2012NPG Adds TV Stations in Palm Springs, St. Joseph, MO, Coloumbia, MO and Santa Barbara

  • 2013NPG Adds TV Stations in Monterey, Sells Stations in Grand Junction

  • 2014NPG Adds TV Stations in Yuma

  • 2016BERKS Group Founded

  • 2018NPG California Launches Next-gen TV (ATSC 3.0)